Email Writing Tips

Email Writing Tips: Learn how to write a perfect email with these tips.

To develop your professional relations, email writing is a must. People are not using phone calls rather they are going for email writing because it saves their time. Sometimes email records may be used as evidence. If your emails are not professionally written, people don’t read them. Even if people read your emails, they may ignore them or reply late or give to other person. This makes a lot of communication gap as well as disrespect to the person who has sent the email.


When you write subject, 3 things should be kept in mind.

  • The subject should be brief
  • Give a clue to the content
  • It’s not compulsory to write a complete sentence

2. Salutations

“Dear Sir/Madam First name”


Dear Sir Manoj

Dear Mr. Bhatia

Dear Madam

3. Opening statement

  • Open with greeting or pleasantry statement. Don’t jump into the content.
  • When replying you should thank the person. Use “Thank You”/ “I received your email”

4. Tone and Clarity:

  • When a reply is expected- “Please”, “Kindly”, “Let me know”, “Kindly revert back”
  • When you want help- “Please”/”Kindly”

5. Paragraphs

  • The main idea should be in a separate paragraph
  • Use complete sentences. Don’t use SMS language.
  • Entire mail should never be in BOLD.

6. Complimentary Closing

Formal emails- “Regards”, “With Warm Regards”, “Thanks  & Regards”

Informal emails- “Name”, “See You”, “Love”