How to Read Faster and Improve Reading Comprehension?

How to Read Faster and Improve Reading Comprehension

Speed reader Annie Jones read the book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” that has around 784 pages in just 47 minutes. Amazing isn’t it. Some people are so passionate about reading that they read books oneafter the other. Bill Gates reads around 50 books in a year. So, let’s see some tips you can … Read more

Why reading is important? How to Read More Books

Why reading is important

What if you could read one book a week one book that’s 52 books a year without speed reading. Leaders are readers and if somebody could read fifty-two books a year, they have a huge advantage over somebody who only reads two books a year. The more you read the more you know. That’s the … Read more

Email Writing Tips

Email Writing Tips

Email Writing Tips: Learn how to write a perfect email with these tips. To develop your professional relations, email writing is a must. People are not using phone calls rather they are going for email writing because it saves their time. Sometimes email records may be used as evidence. If your emails are not professionally … Read more

How to Write an Email? Formal email and Informal email

How to Write an Email

These days email is in trend, people use this mode of communication the most and so you need to know how to write an email. What is email? Information about email Email stands for electronic mail. It is a mail which is sent through an electronic medium that can be your computer, laptop, PC or … Read more